Our Lady of Guadalupe © Aris Dervis 2002

© Aris Dervis 2002

About Us


It was a beautiful December afternoon in 2001. I was walking around the West Village in a newly decimated New York City. Although the weather was glorious, the despair was palpable. I stopped in front of a shop and looked in the window. Sparkling in the sunlight was a pint bottle filled with herbs, charms, paper money, and the icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was a week before her feast day of December 12.
I had been collecting Buddhas, Orishas, Saints and statues of spiritual figures all my life. When I saw the pint bottle amulet I wondered how to justify buying it and bringing it into my overcrowded apartment. The Spirits were already vying for what little space there was. It was then that the proverbial electric light bulb went off. Why not give each statue the tribute of a glamour portrait?
Luckily, I was married to photographer Aris Dervis. He could do the project justice. It was in that moment that ServingSpirits.com was born.
Almost one hundred images later, and with many more planned, we continue to locate sacred icons and return them to a contemporary audience. We offer them as framed prints, t-shirts, greeting cards and candles.

Carole Murray has been working as an astrologer and Tarot reader in Manhattan since 1980. She also designs Tarot decks.
Aris Dervis is a photographer and graphic designer whose work has been exhibited in New York and Japan.
They welcome suggestions for new shrines as well as commissions for your personal shrines.