Balinese Rabbit © Aris Dervis

© Aris Dervis 2003

Balinese Rabbit

The rabbit is one of the most ancient fertility symbols. "Mate and procreate" is their mantra. In China it was once believed that a female rabbit could get pregnant just by staring at the moon, and the lunar association is widely found. The contemporary chocolate Easter bunny is a throwback to the spring Goddess Eostre whose rabbit familiar could lay colored eggs. Here we see a rabbit brought to us from Bali as a wedding gift in 1984 by Paul Graham. We found it poking around the flower patch in the moonlight. This image is ideal for those seeking to start a family, those yearning for a fertile garden, and those for whom an active sexlife could stand a boost from the energizer bunny.

This image is available as 8x10 framed print, t-shirt, candle and greeting card.