Chinese Lanterns © Aris Dervis 2006 Lanterns in the Fo Kuang Shan Temple in Amsterdam's Chinatown

© Aris Dervis 2006


Chinese Lanterns

March 2006

We found these lanterns in the Fo Kuang Shan Temple in Amsterdam's Chinatown. They were part of the celebratory New Year's decorations.

The Temple is located across the street from one of the finest Chinese restaurants in all of Europe, Nam Kee. Lacking in atmosphere (formica and fluorescent lights), Nam Kee more than compensates with its delicious food. A Dutch novel called "The Oysters at Nam Kee" is only one of the many valentines the locals lavish on this restaurant. Last month we ate there three nights out of seven! Each dish we enjoyed was more spectacular than the last, and the price was right. Nam Kee is located at Zeedijk 111-113.

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