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New Fave

The dynamic duo of Sean Kelly and Rosemary Rogers has done it again. They have created two new journals. The Inspirational Journal and the Travel Journal are chock full of information about and quotes from your favorite saints. The inimitable Ken Brown illustrates both. These 136 page blank books are ideal to join your private thoughts with those of the sanctified. Available exclusively at Barnes & Noble.

Fresh Yarn

We would like to highly recommend, a personal essay salon hosted by Hillary Carlip.
Carole's essay, "McMystic: Reflections of an Unlikely Oracle" was published in January and can be found archived in the 17th Installment. Check it out!

I'm frequently asked to recommend books on a variety of metaphysical topics. The following titles have withstood the test of time and are available through

Patricia Monaghan

With the amazing number of books on spirituality and the Goddess proliferating today, it's always a pleasure to find an author who is sincere, intelligent, scholarly and accessible. Patricia Monaghan is all that and more.( In The Goddess Path she offers us portraits of twenty Goddesses, some well known (Kuan Yin, Brigid, Aphrodite) and others more obscure (the Roman Goddess Pomona, guardian of fruit orchards). Evocative poetry and stirring prose separate this book from the competition. The Goddess Companion is a daily meditation book featuring hundreds of Goddess from diverse sources. The New Book of Goddesses & Heroines contains more than 1,500 entries on Goddess myth, a truly comprehensive collection. These books are uplifting, inspiring and impossible to put down.

Saints Preserve Us

By Sean Kelly and Rosemary Rogers. Everything you need to know about every saint you'll ever need.

The Goddess Oracle-A Way to Wholeness Through the Goddess and Ritual
By Amy Sophia Marashinsky. (DO NOT CONFUSE WITH Oracle of the Goddess.) An amazing set of cards and book, it is the equivalent of having an in-house shrink 24/7.

Jung and Tarot
By Sallie Nichols. An encyclopedic look at the Major Arcana from a Jungian's perspective.

You Can Heal Your Life
By Louise Hay. This classic identifies the mental patterns that create physical disorders.

Astrology for the Soul
By Jan Spiller. A brilliant treatise on the North Node of the Moon. No previous knowledge of astrology is necessary to enjoy this amazingly insightful book.

Making the Gods Work for You
By Caroline Casey. Casey's Visionary Activist Astrology breathes new life into an old science. Her motivatingly irreverent approach feels so refreshing after the New Age.

By Luisah Teish. The natural woman's book of personal charms and practical rituals. Born and raised in New Orleans, Luisah Teish gives a vivid portrayal of the region and its spiritual essence.

Second Sight
By Mary Tannen. This novel gives an amazingly accurate portrayal of what it's like to give a psychic reading.

five fold happiness Chinese concepts of luck, prosperity, hapiness and wealth.
By Vivien Sung. Published by Chronicle Books, 2002. A beautifully illustrated and designed book that explains how "good fortune and auspicious thought are central to all aspects of Chinese life and culture." Her web site is