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Steve Jobs

1955 - 2011


Steve Jobs Memorial © Aris Dervis 2011

© Aris Dervis

Steve Jobs

He was the most elegant, astounding visionary in a generation of idealists and dreamers.
The technology that was created did indeed “Fork Lightning” and it led the medieval, fearful and superstitious of the twentieth century as well as  “Angel headed hipsters plugged into the starry dynamo of night” into a New World.
He made the future beautiful, something to look forward to, an anticipation of some truly new and magical things that did not yet have names.

Now, we are on our own.

The Whole Earth Catalog: Access to Tools was a major source of inspiration and influence on Steve Jobs. 
It begins with:

“We Are Gods, We Might As Well Get Good At It.”


- Aris Dervis

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