November 2005

All Saints

All Saints © Aris Dervis

© Aris Dervis 2005


Feast Day November 1

One of the most exciting days on the calendar is that on which all the saints of heaven are honored.
See if you can find the following in our photo:
El Nino de Atocha- invoked to remove obstacles
Brigid- for inspiration, creativity, and healing
St. Anthony- to find lost objects, as well as any other petition
St. Theresa- for a quick fix (Little Flower, show your power, in this hour!)
St. Martin de Porres- fundraising, animal issues, healing and hair problems
St. Dymphna-mental health, freedom from stress
St. Jude- impossible cases
St. Michael- protection
St. Rita- troubled marriages
St. Roch- dog related problems
St. Barbara- for courage and independence
St. Expedite- to speed things up and end procrastination
St. Francis- for peace, mediation, and animal issues
St. Nicholas- generosity, childlike appreciation of life
St. Lazarus- for healing
Our Lady of Guadalupe- not a saint, certainly, but she looked so pretty I couldn't leave her out. For Motherly love.

We dedicate this shrine to the incomparable Rosemary Rogers and Sean Kelly, authors of the seminal Saints Preserve Us, whose publication twelve years ago brought the saints back to earth again.