Ascended Master

October 2007

Leor Warner
July 20, 1941- September 13, 2007

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He had no equal.

An Ascended Master is defined as one who has Self-Realized during their lifetime and devoted themselves to serving humanity. I can think of no better description for my mentor and friend Leor Warner. In the many tributes to Leor available on-line the same qualities are described- his intelligence, his generosity, his wisdom and wit, his hugely accomplished painting and calligraphy skills, his unparalleled ability to counsel. But I'm not sure if anyone has really described his eyes. They were an otherworldly shade of blue, and when he focused his gaze on you, you could get lost in their clear light. He was so compassionate that I often saw those eyes mist up with tears.

Leor was a classically trained astrologer. He could calculate a chart in his head. For those of you who don't remember the pre-computer days of casting a chart using logarithms to place the planets, it was no picnic even using pen and paper. But Leor's training was so rigorous that his teacher insisted her students learn this advanced method. And learn he did.

Leor knew everything about everything, but not in an egotistical way. He had an encyclopedic knowledge that encompassed topics as diverse as the stock market and vegetarian cooking, mythology and Krishnamurti, architecture and global travel, politics and interior design. He was able to address your specific questions as if he had been waiting a lifetime to pass on this knowledge and expertise.

One of his favorite projects was the Day of the Dead celebration in the Hollywood cemetery. Each year he would build an altar to honor all the pets that had passed. Even though he was profoundly sensitive, he had a great sense of humor. Shortly after learning of his death I was waiting for the light to change so I could cross the street. I heard his inimitable voice saying, "Well! I certainly went out with a bang!" and then he laughed. Given the tragic circumstances of his death, hearing that chuckle was very comforting.

Leor had stopped driving a car in the early 70's, but circumstances and life in L.A. encouraged him to renew his driver's license some months ago and start driving again. He was killed in a car crash while traveling from L.A. to Sedona, Arizona where he was about to start a new life among the rocks and the spirits. One of his West Hollywood Marching Band Chihuahuas also perished in the crash. Judika Illes has pointed out to me that in some cultures, it is impossible to enter heaven unless a dog accompanies you. I'm sad about his treasured pet, but glad that Leor had a companion on his ultimate journey.

If you loved Leor, you loved him deeply and unequivocally, and with tremendous loyalty. For many of his clients, he was the parent we always want but seldom get. He was encouraging, supportive, kind and optimistic. And for each of us, it seemed like he really "got" us, without judgment, without criticism, and with enormous affection. One of my favorite things was to turn new people on to Leor and let them experience his magic. Unless it was a case of  "pearls before swine" they would usually become permanent clients.

I was very fortunate to find Leor so early in my life. I was 24 years old on the day that I played hooky from work, bought new clothes, and went to experience the astrologer that all my friends were talking about. I think it's no secret that there is a tremendous amount of ego in the metaphysical world, with some practitioners reveling in their specialness and losing sight of their role as servants. It was immediately apparent that although Leor wasn't unduly pious, he did take his work and mission seriously. He was no storefront fortuneteller. He was an articulate, well-read brilliant man who chose the planets as his vehicle of information.

Although I had always been deeply interested in the occult, there was no way I could imagine making a career of it until Leor encouraged me. He gave me permission to do the work I do, and I was humbled by his faith in me. I learned so much by just observing how he worked. It was the equivalent of a Harvard education.

And now, all too suddenly he is gone. We will have to receive his wise counsel in another form. I know he will be contacting his beloved clientele in his own way, in his own time. On behalf of all his loving friends, I say, Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your luminous healing soul. You have no equal.

Carole Murray



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