May 2010
Monthly Spirit

Bird Medicine

Bird Medicine © Aris Dervis, Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney, Australia

© Aris Dervis 2010


From Ted Andrew’s master volume, Animal-Speak:

Birds have an ancient mythology and mysticism.  In most societies, animals were visible signs of invisible forces, and people realized you could only understand the Divine through its creations.  This was especially true of birds.  The behaviors, the characteristics, and the other qualities of the birds took on both natural and supernatural significance.
To primitive humans, birds were gods.  Birds could make thunder and bring the rain.  Their feathered wings and their flight stirred the imagination of humans.  Because of this unique ability to fly, much mystical and symbolic significance came to be applied to birds.  Birds foretold of death and they could bring either good or ill luck.  Birds were often seen as angels or teachers, or devils and destroyers.
Flight is a means of leaving the earth and rising to the heavens.  It is a means of descending out of the sky to land upon the Earth.  Birds are a bridge between the human and the divine, the Earth and Heaven.  Because of their ability to fly, they are associated with aspiration, flights of intuition, beauty,  and levitation.  Birds are a source of creative imagination and they have the ability to awaken within us our own flights of magic.

Our Monthly Spirit is a Rainbow Lorikeet Parrot that we found in Australia.
According to  Ted Andrews, Parrots are birds of the sun and encourage us to think about our relationship to color.  Since parrots can mimic human speech they are seen as ambassadors of the Bird Kingdom to the human kingdom.

Bird medicine is available as an 8x10 print, greeting card or t-shirt.

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