Monthly Spirit May 2011
Venerable Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez
10/25/1864- 6/29/1919


Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez © Aris Dervis 2011

© Aris Dervis


Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez may be the most well known Venezuelan of all times.  In his brief 54 years he gained attention for his devotion to healing.  Known as “Doctor of the Poor” no person was too disadvantaged to receive his help.  After two foiled attempts to join the priesthood because of his own frail health, he devoted himself to the healing arts.  He was revered not only for his contribution to medicine, but also for his benevolence, sincerity and openness of his soul.

On June 29, 1919 while on his way to deliver medicine to a patient a car struck him down and killed him. The news spread quickly around Caracas and thousands of people pilgrimaged to see him on his final journey.

After his death his reputation spread and in 1949 the Church started the process of making him a saint.  Today for Dr. Jose Gregorio to achieve canonization only one more miracle is needed.

Here is a prayer to him.

Oh, my all powerful Lord,
You have brought your beloved servant
Jose Gregorio to your heart
To whon, with your great mercy,
You gave the power
To heal the sick of this world.

Give him now, Lord,
As my spiritual physician,
The grace to heal me
Both in body and soul
And the power to guide the hands
Of the mortal doctors
Who are working on my behalf.

I ask you this favor, Dear Lord,
In the name of your Beloved Son,
Who taught us to pray
Our Father….

When your own miracle occurs, the Doctor appreciates a contribution make to charity, particularly a charity that supports people who have difficulty affording medical treatment.

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