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April 2008
Infant Jesus of Prague

Infant Jesus of Prague © Aris Dervis 2008 Infant Jesus of Prague Statue in store window in the Mission District in San Francisco

© Aris Dervis 2008


We were walking around the Mission District in San Francisco in February when we spotted the strangest collection of items in a shop window.  Tucked in with neon colored wigs was a shy Infant Jesus of Prague trying to hold his own.
When I was a young girl statues of the Infant Jesus of Prague were the rage.  They were usually given as gifts with a silver coin taped to the base of the statue for Prosperity.  They were always dressed in real clothes.  Mine had a red velvet cape with gold trim.  He still resides in my mother’s apartment.
The actual statue was designed in Spain and made out of wax and metal. A Spanish woman gave it as a gift to her daughter when she married Czech royalty.  When the country fell on hard times she donated it to the Carmelites in Prague.   The statue fell on hard times during war and lost both its hands.  Discovered after seventeen years of obscurity it was repaired and venerated.  While praying to it, a man heard the statue say,
“Have pity on me and I’ll have pity on you.”
The rest is history.


Infant Jesus of Prague is available as a print, greeting card, t-shirt or candle.

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