April 2011
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Prayer Plaques Meiji Shrine © Aris Dervis 2006 Prayer Plaques Meiji Shrine Japan 2006

© Aris Dervis


Today, April 28th, is the 49th day since Japan’s earthquake and tsunami.  In Japan virtually all rites related to death are Buddhist.  In many schools of Buddhist thought the dead wander near their homes for 49 days before heading for their next state of existence on the 50th day.
In Soma, Japan today priests dressed in black and gold robes chanted and rang bells to mark the day.  The event was organized by 170 priests to honor the tsunami victims.

The photo shown here is of prayer plaques inscribed by people in temples to express their dearest wishes and desires.

Our dearest wish and desire is for the people in Japan to find relief and comfort and to summon the strength to carry them through this challenging time.

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