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Blessed Kateri Tekawitha
Lily of the Mohawks
Feast July 14
Patron of Ecologists and Environmentalists

Kateri © Aris Dervis 2010

© Aris Dervis

“Kateri was a child of nature.  Her sainthood will raise the minds and hearts of those who love nature and work in ecology.”

                                                            Bishop Brzana, Ogdensburg, NY


Kateri was born in 1656 in Auriesville, NY to a Mohawk Chief father and a Catholic Algonquin mother.  At the age of 4 she was orphaned when a smallpox epidemic decimated her community.  She was left partially blinded and with a heavily pockmarked face.  Her uncle, also a Mohawk Chief, took her in and raised her.
She was baptized at the age of 20 against her family’s wishes.  She became the village outcast.  Her family would not feed her on Sundays because she wouldn’t work.  Children would taunt her and throw stones.  She was threatened with torture and death if she did not renounce her religion.
She left her village and fled more than 200 miles through the woods, rivers and swamps to the Mission of St. Francis Xavier near Montreal.  Her journey took more than 2 months.
She spent the remainder of her short life working at the Mission with children, and spending long hours in meditation and contemplation, often in nature.  When she died at the age of 24, the pockmarks left her face, showing a young woman of great beauty.
The name Tekawitha means “she moves things.”
Kateri was beatified in 1980, the 2nd of a 3 step process to sainthood.  The final step will be the acceptance by the Vatican of a verifiable miracle.
This is a great opportunity for all of you miracle seekers!  It’s a win/win.  Kateri gets her well deserved sainthood and you get your miracle.

This Monthly Spirit is dedicated to our favorite environmentalist, Dr. Rita Schoeny.

The statue in the photo is from the Basilica of St. Francis in Santa Fe, NM

Blessed Kateri Tekawith is available as a 8x10 print or greeting card.

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