August 2011
Monthly Spirit
La Sirena

La Sirena © Aris Dervis 2011

© Aris Dervis


We thought this would be an ideal image for August with its association to the sea and happy beach times.   But as I write this, Hurricane Irene is wreaking havoc with that wish.

I first encountered La Sirena in the Mexican game La Loteria.  There she reigned with her fellow cards- The Star, The Drunk, The Molcajete (the mortar and pestle particular to Mexico.)  La Sirena was always portrayed majestically, with her beautiful long hair and serene smile.

Last month Aris and I were in Corona, Queens.  We found one of the biggest supermarkets I had ever seen.  It was devoted to all kinds of South American products.  I loved the label on this can of sardines.  I don’t ever want to open it.

We’d like to dedicate La Sirena to the newest edition of our family tree- Isla Hope White.
Congratulations Emilia, Dan and Lucy.  We wish Isla the happiest of lives with a million sunny summers and many dips into the Sea of Love.

La Sirena is available as a greeting card and 8x10 print.

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