July 2007

Mary Magdalene

Feast day July 22

MAry Magdelene © Aris Dervis 2007

© Aris Dervis 2007

"History's most famous reformed harlot is, in Catholic tradition, identified as the "sinner with seven devils," who washed Christ's feet with her hair before anointing them with perfume. Pope Gregory the Great promoted the notion that she was the languorous sister of Martha and Lazarus, and the sometimes fiance´ of St. John the Divine. His Holiness Pope Gregory attributed her fall from grace to her glamour, observing that "the evil beauty of face is wont to uproot modesty of the soul." Nonetheless, she is venerated as one of the most ardent and loyal of Christ's followers, one of the women disciples with Him when He died and who buried Him. Christian feminists point to her significant role as the first witness to the Resurrection, who announced the Risen Christ to the Apostles. Whether or not she constituted Jesus' "Last Temptation," Our Lord took her side against various maligners- temple elders, her sister Martha, and Judas, saying,"Her sins, which are many, are forgiven for she loved much." (Luke 7:47) In French folk tradition, Mary, Martha and Lazarus sailed to Marseilles after the Ascension. Mary retired to a cave in the wilderness, fed and otherwise attended by Angels. The mountains surrounding her grotto are named La Sainte Baume in honor of her famous ointment."

From Saints Preserve Us! by Sean Kelly and Rosemary Rogers, Random House, NY

The image of Mary Magdalene enshrined here was graciously donated by bestselling author Tracy Quan, whose first novel, "Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl" (Three Rivers Press, 2003) was optioned by Darren Star, the mastermind behind Sex and the City. Her second novel, "Diary of a Married Call Girl," raced to the bestseller list in the UK. Her third novel, "Diary of a Jetsetting Call Girl," will be published in 2008 by Harper Perennial.

Mary Magdalene is available as greeting card, candle, t-shirt or 8x10 print. The shrine itself is also available for sale to the first person who contacts us. We're waiting to hear from you!

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