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April 2009
The Magic Garden

Magic Garden © Aris Dervis 2009

© Aris Dervis 2009

The Magic Garden


“There was magic in the air; after all, it was the sixties, a time filled with flowers and gurus, headbands and incense.”
So starts the liner notes for the album “The Magic Garden” recorded from July to November,1967.  The Magic Garden was a collaboration of Jimmy Webb and the Fifth Dimension.  I practically wore this vinyl to death when I first got it.  When the cd came out I was thrilled to find it again.
This photo was taken today in one of our neighborhood’s Magic Gardens, the Community Garden of West 89th Street.  I walked by this morning and saw a sea of tulips at their prime in the unseasonable April heat wave.  For us this has been a hugely stop/start spring.  Cold and rain followed by intense heat.  My own garden has still not sprouted, though the few daffodils that have come up have shown me that “truth in advertising” does not guarantee that the daffodil bulbs I bought thinking they were PINK are really that.  (A fellow gardener has cautioned me that the tulips I bought thinking they were blue will be yet another disappointment…)
The beauty of a Magic Garden is that you never know what will happen and ultimately it’s all good because who, really, has ever seen an ugly flower?
So light a stick of incense and play the music til the end.  The ending of the song has been on my mind for more than 40 years.  What more can I say?


Magic Garden is available as greeting card, print, candle or t-shirt.


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