April 2010
Monthly Spirit


April Mandala © Aris Dervis, Tulip, Riverside Park, New York City

© Aris Dervis 2010


Creating a mandala begins with drawing a circle.  It can be as simple as the circle a child
draws or as complex as the sacred images created by Tibetan monks. 
Mandalas arise from the compelling human need to know our own inner reality,
to align this knowing with our body’s wisdom, and to awaken in ourselves a sense of being in harmony with the universe. 
Making a circle always brings order to things.  Order begets patterns that the mind can grasp and understand. 

Circles are not just an invention of human beings.  Circular forms abound in the natural world. 
When you toss a pebble into still water, you see a gentle pulsing of circles outward from the point of impact. 
Flowers, rocks, caves and mountains seen from above suggest the form of a circle.

                                                 Susanne Fincher
                                                 Coloring Mandalas

Here we have a fine example of nature’s mandala- a bright purple tulip, as temporal as the sand mandalas
that people work on for days, then blow away to prove the beauty and impermanence of life.

Mandala is available as an 8x10 print, t-shirt, or greeting card.



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