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November 2010
Papel Picado

Papel Picado © Aris Dervis 2010 Day of the Dead

Papel Picado © Aris Dervis 2010

Papel Picado, or perforated paper, is the Mexican art form of cutting paper into elaborate designs.  These flags are then mounted as banners to celebrate various holidays and milestones in life such as christenings, quinceaneras and weddings.

The papel picado is created by using a guide and small chisels.  Up to forty can be created at a time.

Birds, skeletons and floral designs are among the most popular motifs.

Light pink and blue are the colors used to commemorate the Blessed Mother. Yellow and white are used for patron saints. Vibrant pink, purple and orange are used as offerings for the Day of the Dead. Various shades of purple are used for Easter. The colors of the Mexican flag- red, white and green- are reserved for the Feast of the Patron of Mexico, Our Lady of Guadalupe and also for Mexican Independence day, September 16th.

Papel Picado is available as an 8x10 print and greeting card.

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