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July 2008


Pele © Aris Dervis 1997 , Pele Hawaiian Volcano Goddess and creator of the islands

© Aris Dervis 1997



Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lightning, dance and volcanoes.  She lives on the Big Island in the volcano Kilauea.  When Mt. Kilauea erupts, the locals feel it is Pele giving them a gift.  Each year the lava flow adds 40 acres to the Big Island.

Pele has many faces.  She may appear as a seductive young woman looking to hitch a ride, or as an old lady accompanied by a white dog asking for a handout.  Her presence is felt very strongly and sightings of her are not out of the ordinary.

Offerings to Pele include gin, flowers, fruit and fish. 

While researching Pele I found the following article in an edition of the New York Times in August 1917.  I find it interesting to see how much has changed in 90 years.

Also check out this amazing video from the Discovery Channel.

Invoke Pele when you want more passion in your life.  She will be happy to shake things up.

Pele is available as a print, candle, greeting card or t-shirt.

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