May 2004


Pomona © Aris Dervis

© Aris Dervis 2004


The ancient Roman goddess Pomona had dominion over fruit orchards.
The following poem from Ovid's Metamorphoses describes her realm.

Pomona lived in ancient times,
A nymph whose merest touch would green
An orchard, would fill its boughs with fruit.
Oh, how Pomona loved her orchards!
The rest of nature left her cold, but
Fruit trees! Apples! Pears! These were

Pomona's great delight, her fiercest joy.
She bore a knife, but not for hunting-
No, hers was used to trim a hedge
Of rose or cherry-wood, or to prune
A fruitless tree, or graft an aged apple
So that it burst forth fresh and new.
Orchards were her secret nurseries
And trees were her beloved ones
Who never thirsted, never withered.
Oh! To live among Pomona's trees!
Oh! To be loved as much as that!

Translation by Mary Innes
Viking Press 1987

We were fortunate enough this spring to spend many days among the flowering
apple and cherry trees. These photos were taken in Riverside Park, New York City.