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August 2010


Little Prayer © Aris Dervis 2010

© Aris Dervis 2010


In June Aris and I made a pilgrimage to Wilmington DE for the feast of St. Anthony.  The feast is a big deal in Wilmington and they bring out all the amusement park rides, the food vendors, and plenty of booths selling cold cheap wine.

St. Anthony is such a wonderful saint.  He is constantly finding our lost objects, almost before we ask him.  We keep him on his toes.  I think of him as a serene Tony Bennett smiling down at us from above.

So, my friend Susie (pictured) and I were deeply into our prayers of gratitude in Anthony’s shrine.  Note well the plastic cup in front of me.    Moments after this rapturous moment I was thrown out of the church for drinking! 
It was wonderful.  I felt like I was 16 and rebellious.  St. Anthony got a big kick out of it.  He bought the next round.

Prayer is not available for sale in any format!

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