Monthly Spirit
June 2008

St. Charles
Street Car
New Orleans

St. Charles Ave streetcar, New Orleans © Aris Dervis 2008 , St Charles Ave, New Orleans

© Aris Dervis 2008

onthly Spirit
St. Charles
Street Car
New Orleans

It is such a relief to have the St. Charles Avenue street cars operating again.   Riding down stately St. Charles Avenue, regarding the picturesque  mansions and live oak trees hung with Spanish Moss never gets old.

We recently visited New Orleans for the first time since Katrina.  Given the horror stories we had heard from our friends, we went with an equal mixture of fear and eagerness.  Most of the French Quarter looks as if nothing had ever happened, and vibrates with the old celebratory spirit. 

Our friend Angie took us on a tour of the devastation in the Lower Ninth Ward and St. Bernard’s Parish. 
It was nothing short of surreal.

I love New Orleans and always have since my first trip in 1977 when I spent 40 hours on a hippie bus named Grey Rabbit to get there for Mardi Gras.  You have to love a culture that creates “lagniappe”, the concept of giving the customers a little more than they paid for.

New Orleans has always been an eccentric spot, and continues to be so.  The shopkeepers are so grateful for every sale, and so willing to tell you what a struggle it is to try and make a living.  The tour groups are fewer around Marie Laveau’s grave which makes it easier to enjoy.  The food is wonderful as always and there is a cafe called Ignatius on Magazine Street (named for the hero of Confederacy of Dunces) that made the best red beans and rice I’ve ever eaten.

So if you’ve been hesitating, do go.  Bring some magic back to the City that Care Forgot.

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