September 2004

St. Lazarus

St Lazarus © Aris Dervis

© Aris Dervis 2002

St. Lazarus, a.k.a. Babaluaye
Feast: December 17

When Desi Arnaz was a young man living in Cuba, he made a deal. He said to the Orisha Babaluaye: Get me to America, let me marry a beautiful woman, and make me a millionaire. In return, I will make you famous. Enter: Lucille Ball, I Love Lucy and Desilu Studios. When Ricky Ricardo picks up the conga drum and intones "Babalu, Babaluaye" he is thanking the Spirit who heard his prayer and fulfilling his end of the bargain.

St. Lazarus is the patron saint of the sick. A common practice for healing is to place a bowl of popcorn dressed with palm oil in a prominent place for 17 days. On the 17th day, feed the popcorn to the wild life in your neighborhood. If it's eaten, you're cured.

We dedicate this shrine to our treasured doctor, Frances Goodwin, who through her practice of acupuncture has raised us from the dead more than once.