January 2010
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A Toast To You

A Toast For You © Aris Dervis 2009 A Martini at Perry st restaurant in greenwich village new york city

© Aris Dervis 2009


A Toast to You

We know that 2009 had its problems. 

We know that you all took your hits.

But like every good Catholic child was taught: examine your conscience.

Surely something in 2009 was life altering in a positive way.

I mean, wasn’t tv better than ever?

Didn’t cooking at home pay off?

And Netflix?  God is good!

And didn’t we all realize that no matter how old we are, we already have three
times the amount of stuff we will ever need.

Divest, divest, divest. 

The Native Americans had a great tradition of the Giveaway.  Honor was granted not to those who had a lot, but to those who gave the most away.

One of my favorite homeless advocates judged people by how many pairs of shoes they owned. 

2010 seems to be like the final days of Atlantis. Technology rules and the heart is dead.

Enjoy our virtual martini.  If you don’t tipple, substitute a warm cup of tea.  Listen to the full 6 minutes of the song.  Nobody does it better.

And if all goes well I’ll catch you again and again.
Carole & Aris


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