December 2009
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Winter Solstice II

Labyrinth © Aris Dervis 2009 The Labyrinth at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

© Aris Dervis 2003

Winter Solstice II
December 21, 2009



Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year.  It initiates the six month journey to the Summer Solstice when we enjoy the longest day.

This photo was taken in an apartment we rented in Amsterdam on the Herengracht canal.  The building was over 400 years old so the spirit presence was good and thick.  It was a very peaceful apartment, and certainly one of the nicest places we’ve ever stayed.  It was very hard to leave when our travels were over.

Winter Solstice is the warm-up act for New Years Eve.  We say goodbye to the season of autumn and brace ourselves for winter.  (As I write this, a minor blizzard is playing over New York.  I can’t even see New Jersey across the River.)   The ten day period between Solstice and New Years Eve gives us time to reflect on the passing year, to plan our resolutions and to decide how to have more fun.

One of my teachers, Rev. Joseph Gianini, used to say that it was impossible to get a good metaphysical reading between Christmas and New Years because the Spirits were busy partying.  I love that image.  We hope that you have more than enough parties in the holiday season and many reasons to be cheerful.

Winter Solstice II is available as t-shirt, 8x10 print and greeting card.

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