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Year of the Tiger

Year of the Metal Tiger © Aris Dervis 2010 , Chunese New year Twilight parade, Sydney, Australia honoring the Year of the Metal Tiger

© Aris Dervis 2010

Year of the Tiger
February 14, 2010



Here’s how Theordora Lau weighs in on the Tiger Year.

This is definitely an explosive year.  It usually begins with a bang and ends with a whimper.  A year earmarked by war, disaster and disagreements of all kinds.  But it will also be a big, bold year.  Nothing will be done on a small timid scale.  Everything, good or bad, will be carried to extremes.  Fortunes can be made and lost.  If you take a chance, gamble for high stakes, but understand that the odds are against you.

People will do drastic and dramatic things on the spur of the moment.  It is not surprising that Watergate and the drama of Nixon’s resignation culminated in the hotheaded year of the Tiger.  Tempers will flare all around and it will be a trying time for diplomacy.  Like the Tiger we will tend to charge without thinking and end up regretting our rashness.

Friendships, joint undertakings and deals requiring mutual trust and cooperation made at this time are brittle and will be easily broken.  However, the forceful and vigorous Tiger year can also be used to inject new life and vitality into lost causes, sinking ventures and drab or failing industries.  It will likewise be a time for massive change, for the introduction of new and bold, especially highly controversial, ideas.

The fiery heat of the Tiger’s year will no doubt touch everyone’s life.  In spite of its negative aspects, we must realize that it could have a cleansing effect.  Just as intense heat is necessary to extract precious metals from their ores, so the Tiger year and bring out the best in us.

Just one brief word of advice for this unpredictable year.  “Hang on to your sense of humor and let things sizzle out".""



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