June 2005

St. Roch

St. Roch © Aris Dervis

© Aris Dervis 2005

Monthly Spirit

Saint Roch

Feast Day August 17

Saint Roch owes a great debt to dogs, and he repays it by answering petitions from their human companions. Roch was a renowned French healer in the 13th century. Ironically, he contracted the same plague he cured in so many others. While working in Italy he developed a lesion on his thigh, and rather than impose on the kindness of strangers, he fled to the wilderness and awaited his death. There a loyal dog that brought him food every day befriended him until he recovered. In statues and paintings he is always shown with his devoted four-legged hero.

We found this particular statue in the Convent of the Ursulines in New Orleans.

We dedicate this shrine to the newest members of our extended pack, Jasmine Fischer-Mackey and Phoebe Goldfarb-Terry. May they have healthy exciting lives filled with happiness and Roch's blessings.