Yemaya © Aris Dervis

© Aris Dervis 2002

The most vivid spirits of the Yoruban pantheon are contained in the Seven African Powers. Yemaya is one of the three revered female entities. (The other two are Oya and Ochun.) Yemaya presides over the ocean and is an archetypal Mother figure. Her concern for her children is as vast and deep as the sea. Her number is seven, her colors are blue and white, and her offerings may include pearls, seawater (water and sea salt), and seashells. She has a devout following in Brazil and in the Santerian religion.

You may invoke Yemaya on the full moon of July 13. Surrender your problems to her. Meditate on her serene composure and selfless devotion to her children. Ask her to lighten your life and soften it with the healing vibration of her moonbeams.