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Carole Murray
Sonoma, California 2008

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No Hocus Pocus Spoken Here!

Have you ever wished for a creative insight into your life that came without judgment and with qualified optimism?

An astrological and/or Tarot session with me can give you exactly that.

My readings will tell you what you already know to be true for you, information that will help you lead a happier and more productive life. I am a very practical reader, so I won't waste your time with New Age fantasy double-speak.

Using a planetary calendar, I can help you make decisions in a timely fashion. Working with intuitive guidance from the Tarot cards, I can point you in a direction that makes sense to you.

I began studying Metaphysics in the Golden Age of the late 1960's. After studying for ten years, I began my private practice in New York City in 1980. My client pool is diverse. It includes school children, priests, prostitutes, celebrities, government officials, people on their deathbeds, actors, therapists, artists, scientists and career waitresses.

In a one-hour session we identify your key issues and work on solving the mysteries of life. The consistent feedback I receive goes like this- "Oh, I feel so much better now!"

I am not a psychic so my sessions are not prediction-driven. I am an intuitive counselor. I think of myself as a Planetary Spin Doctor and Cardeologist. I have written for American Astrology magazine, taught classes in astrology, tarot and tarot card design. I have been creating Tarot decks for the past 26 years and many of my designs are in the Encyclopedia of Tarot, Volume III.

I love my clients and am infinitely interested in their well-being. My readings are illuminating without being scary, and if all goes well, we'll have some laughs.

I also specialize in choosing auspicious wedding dates. I am pleased to say that the couples who've commissioned me to pick their wedding date are still together. Considering today's divorce rate, that's no small achievement! Some people have also commented on how beautiful the weather was on their wedding day, but I take no credit for that.

You can book a one hour phone session with me through PayPal for $160.
A walk-in session for 75 minutes is $175.
A choice of 3 wedding dates is also available for $350.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

All the best,
Carole Murray


Phone Readings : $160.


Walk-in Readings : $175.
3 Wedding Dates : $100.

Party Prophets

I recently organized a group of some of New York’s most talented intuitives who are available for your next event.  In 2007 we worked at venues as diverse as Health Magazine’s “Here Comes the Sun” event in Central Park, Southern Living Magazine’s Holiday party, the party for  Kimberlee Auerbach’s book signing, birthday parties, and gatherings organized specifically for the purpose of getting a reading.

My posse of readers includes astrologers, Tarot masters, rune experts, dream analysts, and mediums.  Each of them has well over twenty years experience working with the public in an intuitive capacity.

Here’s what people are saying about us.

“Authors, journalists, TV producers, artists, teachers, students, all stood in line for a reading from Carole at my book party.  The room was buzzing with excitement and hope.  One by one people walked away from their readings with smiles on their faces, having heard exactly what they needed to hear.  That’s Carole’s power.  She inspires, uplifts and mirrors.  She sees and speaks what people are ready to see and hear.   She is wise, kind and soulful.  She added an overall warm and good vibe to my party.  I couldn’t have been happier.”
Kimberlee Auerback, author of The Devil, The Lovers & Me

“I have known Carole on a professional level for many years and whole-heartedly recommend her, with no hesitation, as a reader at parties and special events.  I have often ‘given Carole as a gift’ to do readings at milestone birthday parties and graduation parties, and all attendees and guests of honor loved it and raved about her ability as well as her pleasing personality and flair.
In addition to the brilliant diagnostic talent Carole has vis a vis Tarot cards, she is an excellent communicator and articulately conveys her perceptions.  Her readings are kind and uplifting; people understand them, respond to them, and always find them helpful.
Carole puts everyone at ease and people of all ages and walks of life are comfortable with her.   Her stamina is amazing and she will read for many people at my home throughout the day and into the evening.  Her reputation is established in my community and my house is full whenever she is here.”
Lynda Schroeder, Long Island, New York

“We hired Carole, Aris, Theresa & Marianne for a large outdoor event in Central Park.  We wanted truly gifted professionals and not a hokey entertainment company, and Carole and her team far surpassed our expectations.  They were incredible-with all of the programming at the event, the line for tarot and astrodice readings was the longest and everyone seemed to walk away in very high spirits from the genuine connection they felt.  Thanks to Carole and her team for helping to make our event a success.”
Becca Singer, LeadDog Marketing  Group, NYC

Party Prophets has wheels and will travel anywhere in the tri-state area.  So think of us when planning your next event.  Just contact me through and we’ll make your event spectacular.